Monthly top 5 – Websites

On my monthly top 5 I will be giving you my top five random technology stuff.

This month I will be covering websites. So lets get on with it.

5. Squakenet

Squakenet is a place where you can download all of the retro games, from sonic to metal gear solid, for the most part they are free games but the download links seem to be a tad dodgy. None the less if it works for you then this is a great little website. There are thounsands of

4. Quake LIve

Quake live is a full multiplayer game that uses the Quake 3 arena engine. It is playable inside of your web browser so you can play whether at home or at school or college. Its free to play and its fun. Only downside is that it lacks support for some web browsers (mainly Google Chrome and safari). It also requires both the flash and the Quake live plugin.

3. BeeMP3

BeeMP3 is a free (and legal) music download service. It allows you to download millions of tracks in the MP3 format for free. Only issues are that some songs arn’t the “real” version of the song, and sometimes the downloads can be a little slow.

2. Gary’s Mod Add-on’s

This is the only place you should get your mods for Gary’s Mod. I have tons of mods downloaded from there, it also has an impressive comunity behind it. The ONE issue is again the slow download speeds.

1. NunoKaka85

A great technology website that is actually updated frequently, and doesn’t suck up to Apple. It’s honest no nonsense technology news and reviews. Nuno has done really well with the site and it looks superb.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.


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