Adobe VS Apple – Response to Steve Jobs’ open letter.

If you have read the previous post you’ll have no doubt read the open letter that Steve Jobs had recently released. This post however will be on a response I agree with 100%.

What’s strangely absent from “Thoughts on Flash” is any explanation for why proprietary technology on the Web is bad, or why free standards are good. Noting this omission helps us understand why, though we agree with his assessment of the problems with Flash and the importance of free Web standards, Jobs is led to a solution that is bizarre and unacceptable.

(John Sullivan – Pot, meet kettle: a response to Steve Jobs’ letter on Flash)

The post points out the flaws with Steve Jobs’ vision of an “open” web. For example, jobs states that the h.264 video format is an open standard, when the source code for it cannot be changed, hence its not an open system.

The following quote is from a wikipedia page regarding the term “proprietary software”

A literal meaning of “proprietary” in relation to software is that it has a copyright owner who can exercise control over what users can do with the software, in contrast to public domain.


I agree with the post because John Sullivan is right. Jobs did not mention why proprietary software was bad, nor did he state why making the web open was good.

I won’t be going into further details about this, you can read the article for youself from the link below.

Pot, meet kettle: a response to Steve Jobs’ letter on Flash – John Sullivan


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