News: Portable Apps drops support for Windows 95/98/Me

Preview of the portable apps website is formally announcing the end of Windows 95/98/Me support in the Format, Installer, packaged apps and the Platform. It’s been a long time coming and has been discussed quite a bit internally and externally, so we’d like to officially announce the end of support as well as the reasons why.

Preview of the portable apps website

It is a sad day to see this happen, but it appears that since ME and earlier are quite outdated and most people are now using Windows XP, I see why they dropped support. They’ll be wasting money on those old OS that hardly anyone uses any more.

All those users still using 95/98/ME need to get an OS upgrade or forget uisng portable apps altogether. However I believe that there are some apps that will still run on those OS’s mentioned but they will be of an older version and therefore not as efficent as the up to date versions.

The fully story and refrence to the quote earlier can be found from the link below.

Story Link

So what do you think about this? Is it good? Is it bad? Let me know in the comments.


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