Why I hate Apple? – Well hate it a little.

I have a few reasons as to why I hate Apple, and prefer to save my money, so here goes.

Reason 1 – The price

This is one of the biggest reasons as to why I hate Apple. The price of their products is too high for someone like me who is on a low budget. The iMac is about £700+ which is a rip off, when I got my PC with higher specs and a better operating system for half that price. The iPhone is also another over priced product, sure people can go on about how you get a better quality machine, I believe in paying for quality sure. However I let my sense take priority first. If I can save money then why not.

Reason 2 – Material used to build the machines

Aluminum is a very expensive material to work with, and it raises the price even further. My PC does not look ugly, it’s sleek and a nice black colour. I don’t aluminum to make my machine look good. Alumium isn’t really needed, Apple could use a cheaper and better alternate, which would be more beneficial to the customer. Cheaper prices mean more sales for Apple and hence more profit. Apple need to take sense over personal pride.

Reason 3 – Fanboys

Fanboys will go out and buy Apple products without even thinking twice about it, despite the obvious flaws with Apple’s technology. These people will never listen to the facts and will never listen to their head. Fanboys (like my parents said) let their money burn a hole in their pocket. How do they ever get the money to do that, they can’t save up as they have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

It is suspicious and it something to consider.

Reason 4 – Flash

Apple have recently banned flash CS5 from the mackintosh systems. They also want to ban flash on their systems all together. It seems Apple have made up more bullshit claims as to flash not being “open” enough. If Apple knew anything about being open they would allow people to install OSX on non apple computers. The real reason is that OSX is poorly built and the lazy people couldn’t be arsed to build OSX to include flash.

Those are are the main reasons as to why I hate Apple.


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