Video Updates – 27/04/2010

It is update time. Below are some of the videos I am planning on hopefully making. Make sure you keep and eye on this post for any more updates that may occur. These “video updates” will be centred around my YouTube videos.

Videos planned

How to get on Blocked websites at school or work [pending recording]

Tutorial: Modern style text in FireWorks [Pending recording]

Tech Survey [Pending recording]

Video format/resolution

Currnelty I have decided to switch back to using the .mov format for my videos. I will still be using BBFlashBackpro to record, and the resolution will be in 720p(1280×720). I will not be iconising my task bar as it seems to have a negative effect on the quality of my videos (although I have no idea why). Personally the .mov format is better quality,although it takes hours to render but it uploads quickly. The xVid MPEG-4 codec is high quality but it’s not that high and sometimes the quality is bad when uploaded to YouTube.

I am also no longer going to be recording with autopan. My subscribers did not like the way the mouse was all over the screen. This is something I have to agree on so I decided to stop. As an alterntive I will be using Zoom and pan effects as I can zoom on a specific aera of the recording without having the mouse all over the screen.

Channel design

The channel design I am using now will stay the same for a while longer. I am currently awaiting feedback from the subscribers to see if I need to change it.


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