The iPad – Not just a bigger iPod touch? (Claims dispute)

Since the release of the iPad I have been saying time and time again, that it is just a massive iPod touch with more screen real esatate. However I feel the need to dispute some of the so called “counter claims” that have been circling.

The processor

Apple fans say that despite it being simlar to the iPod touch it has more processing power. While that might be true, the average consumer (ie someone who knows nothing about computers) is not going to care about the processor and just wants to use the device. As long as it keeps working, and Apple is there to fix it if or when it breaks then why should anyone care about the processor.

The battery life

Time and time again, companies use a very rough esitimate for thier battery life. You are never gaurenteed the battery life that is stated on the Apple website (or in the Apple store). For example with a macbook Apple says you’ll get 5 hours of attery life, when in fact you get 3.5 hours instead. Fair enough the bettery life is a little longer, but still it’s beyoind the point.

Screen real estate

Sure you can see all your apps in a full screen mode. However the icons on the home page do not take advantage of the screen real estate. In my opinion I feel that larger screens are only useful on computers, I can’t see the possible advantage in a larger screen on a mobile device.


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