Addon: FoxTab – 3D Tab manager and Speed Dial.

Cover Flow view

If you’ve used the latest version of safari, you’ll realise there is a 3D tab manager and speed dial page when you open a new tab.

With the addon “FoxTab” that feature can be brought to firefox.

The top sites feature.

What makes this addon stand out from the version on safari is the customisation that can be done for this addon. (I’ll get to this in a second)

FoxTab is also a 3D tab manager, so you can graphically view all of the tabs you have open, you can also do the same for the top sites feature.

The 3D tab manager can be accessed by using FoxTab interactive mode. Which can be found next to the address bar.

Earlier on in the post I mentioned that the addon was customisible, I wasn’t lying.

First lets cover the colour and back ground.

The colour and background options.

It’s quite easy to customise the background and colour of the addon, a simple click and a file browse, or you can add a background via url. Also you can chose your viewing angle from the little circle icon above the colour options. To customise the addon you need to be in interactive mode.

Now onto the various views this addon has.

Circle View

The Circle view on Fox Tab

Basic Grid

Basic Grid

Cover Flow

Cover Flow view

There are other views, but I don’t want to make this post too long.

Finally there is the options for the addon.

FoxTab options.

My advice is to have a play around with the addon your self and see what works for you.

Download Link

So, is the addon worth the download? Let us know in the comments.


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