Subscriber Question – Zoom & pan.

I was asked the following question by  xiCGxi on my channel page regarding the zoom and pan effects on my videos.

hey see when your making your videos such as the one about wallpapers, see when your recording these videos what software do u use to zoom in while u record. i have zooomit but that isnt a live zoom only a print screen. so please get back to me asap. thanks!

Thank you for your question on this subject.

I do not use Zoomit on my videos as the zoom and pan effects come with BBflashBack pro by default. The same effect is also enabed on Camtasia studio 7 by default. However the zoom and pan is not added during recording, when I finish recording a video in BBFlashback it saves the recording in the .fbr format, which is used by the BBflashBack player so people  can edit the recording.

(Camtasia Studio uses a process that is quite like BBFlashback only difference is the file type the recording is saved in and the editor is a bit different)

It’s quite easy to add the effect on both screen recorders.

However if you are using a free screen recorder then you might want to consider using the Zoomit tool, or using the autopan function. The auto pan function can be found on most free screen recorders such as camstudio for example.

In camstudio it can be found under the options menu.

The main window on CamStudio.

The options menu on CamStudio.

As for the Autopan settings, you should have a look around and see what settings other people use.

There is also a free version of BBFlashBack which has quite simlar options.

Download CamStudio

Download BBFlashBack express

I hope that has answered your question xiCGix.

Thanks for reading.


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