Subscriber Question – Small icons in FireFox.

I was sent the following message from abitofwine on YouTube. He asks.

Hey I was wondering. In your Firefox video for smart bookmarks bar, in the Strata40 theme I noticed the back and forward buttons in the top left hand corner are the same size. I mean the buttons that let you go back a page and forward a page. For me on the exact same theme, my back button is larger than the forward button. Do you know why this is?

Thank for your question.

Making the icons small in Firefox is pretty simple and it can be done for any theme (even the default one).

First right click on the menu bar at the top (File edit etc) and then there is an option called “customise”.

The options you get after right clicking.

Click on customise, and a Window will come up. At the bottom of this Window you’ll see an option called “Use small icons”

All you have to do is click that option and then click on OK.

You should be good to go. It also works on any theme. It all depends on how you want your Firefox to look really.

If all has gone to plan, the backward and forward buttons should be the same size. In any theme, whether it be Strata40 or Black Stratini.

Thanks for your question.

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