Addon: Smart Bookmarks Bar – Enhance & Customize Your Bar in Firefox

If you use FireFox you’ll realise how much screen space the bookmarks bar takes, and on smaller screens this can present a problem. Sure you can bookmark your favourite websites with just the favicon, or just the text. Sure you could put it on the bookmarks menu, but these methods are time consuming, and faviconising all of the bookmarks will get confusing if you have many Book marks.

However, with the add-on called “Smart Bookmarks bar” that all changes. It automatically faviconises all of your bookmarks, but it doesn’t get rid of the bookmark’s name so there is less messing around. When you hover your mouse over the favicon bookmark the name is revealed. There is also an option to auto hide the bookmarks bar, which is a plus for smaller screens.

The main options for this add-on.

This add-on does not replace nor give you a new toolbar, it enhances the one that is already in FireFox by default.

The video below is a visual demonstration of the add-on.

Download Link

So, is this Add-on worth the download? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.


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