What I hope to achieve today.

Today I have college. I want to get some work done (if not all of it) by today. That way I’ll have more free time then, and if possible I might be able to go home early if there is nothing for me to do, there is no point in me being there.

In my last post about my college assignment, I spoke about the assignment its self. It is possible that I can have it done for today if I keep my mind focused on the task at hand, and then when I’ve finished that there is nothing else for me to do at college.

I’ve been starting to like the work we are doing at college now, non of that boring business stuff, the good stuff like Animation and Web Design. Personally I don’t see how Marketing has anything to do with my future career.

Anyway its time for me to shut up, and get ready for college. The best thing about wordpress is that I can also post to the blog from college, so during my break times I’ll probably make a post or two.

Thanks for reading.


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