College Review – How it went.

So today I had to go to the dentist, and the dentist went well. All they had to do was give me a filling, and then scrape a bit off my teeth. Apart from that it all went well. After I had been to the dentist, I went to the college with my mum to discuss how I am doing and what needs improving. The teacher had nothing but positive things to say about me, my attendance was 100% so that makes me 1 out of 2 people who got that in our class, and this is something I am personally proud of. I also only had 1 late which was good, the chances of me being late (without a good reason) are rare. So not too bad for me.

I’ve also been doing well in my work, my writing style has improved a lot since last year. The teacher also noted that my work has nearly no mistakes (compared to the rest of the class) he then asked me if I had started proof reading, I said yes. It’s something I have been doing a lot of recently, to make sure that I have no spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes.

We were also discussing what I could do after college (in September). My Teacher is going to help me get onto a degree that the college is running, and get me on that one. It will either be a web design, or networking degree. There are some advantages to this, first of all the tuition fees are cheaper, I can stay at home, smaller classes, and there are personal tutors and no lectures.

So overall I am doing quite well in college.


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